Digital embellishment – Peerprint the Israeli leader for wine labels printing choses MGI. The Printing House Peerprint of Ness Ziona, the Israeli leader for wine labels, acquires the digital embellishment press MGI JETvarnish 3D Web. A logic choice for the actor who wishes to position itself in the market of UV Varnish and Hot Foil in fix or variable data in short and medium runs, and in long runs for the operations of labels versioning.
MELBOURNE, FL USA (January 8th, 2018) – The state of Kansas has a long, proud history of being at the geographic crossroads of American trade and commerce. Kester Imaging, a longtime Konica Minolta digital AccurioPress customer in Arkansas City, is upholding that tradition by helping other commercial printers around the country strengthen their customer relationships with MGI JETvarnish 3D digital special effects. The creative design and decorative print enhancement outsourcing services they now offer as a trade finishing business partner have benefited both their peers in the graphic arts industry and the corporate brands that those printers serve. It has also helped grow their business significantly by adding new profitable revenue streams to their own commercial printing operations and customer applications.
MELBOURNE, FL USA (November 26th, 2018) – Emballages Magazine, the leading European packaging and label industry journal, has announced that MGI has been awarded the 2018 “Oscar of Packaging Award” by a committee of industry experts for the technology innovations of the AlphaJET® B1 inkjet printing & embellishment press. Emballages Magazine is published by the international InfoPro Digital group of media companies that also produce the famed LuxePack conferences around the world.
FRESNES, FRANCE (November 19th, 2018) – The MGI Group will present the next phase of its “Innovation in Motion” strategy for integrated digital printing and embellishment technology at the Paris All4Pack Exhibition, from November 26-29th. The new AlphaJET Industrial Print Factory will be demonstrated with 6 combined B1 inkjet printing and embellishment functions that include: • White UV Pigment Ink • Inline Substrate Sheet Priming • 2D/3D UV Clear Varnish Ink • 3 Curing Methods: LED, IR & UV • Aqueous CMYK Printing Ink • Variable Embossed Foil Decorating The AlphaJET is also designed with expansion capabilities for the implementation of Printed Electronic (PE) circuitry applications such as chipless RFID/NFC antennas and OLED flexible screen technology.
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